Arlington Interfaith Council

History and Officers

The ARLINGTON INTERFAITH COUNCIL (AIC), a 501(c)(3) Corporation, is comprised of 48 religious congregations working together in a joint, practical effort to meet urgent and ongoing human needs in our community. This effort has initiated and/or is strengthening the activities of the non-profit Helping Hands organizations described in this brochure. A substantial part of the AIC budget is earmarked for these Helping Hands programs.
The AIC bylaws provide that each member congregation be represented by two lay persons and one religious leader. Meetings are held monthly (except July and August) on the third Monday at 7:30 p.m. and are hosted by member
congregations. The agenda includes presentations by community leaders and congregation representatives, as well as reports from Helping Hands agencies, to keep us alert to  the needs and opportunities for reaching out with
Active liaison is maintained with the Helping Hands organizations, with many Arlington County government programs, and with a variety of other government and volunteer programs.
AIC Officers 2011:

President, Jim Burke (703) 527-9503
Vice President for Programs, David Broder
Vice President for Community Cooperation, John Shanley
Vice President for Communication, vacant   
Secretary, Kate White Treasurer, Martha Smith
Immediate Past President, Fred Jones
Committee Chairs:

Budget and Finance: Martha Smith
Communications and Publicity: 
Shelter and Housing: Ellen Bartlett
Food Programs: Fred Jones
Membership: Phil Traina
Director, Registration: Gay Mount