Arlington Interfaith Council

Training for AIC Representatives

AIC Reps Statement for Growth

Phil Traina, October 17, 2011


As a representative for my church, I realized there was a great deal more to volunteering than just showing up to an occasional meeting.  It is the information that is brought back to your Outreach Committee, which in turn creates actions for the benefit of all involved.


During these past months I have noticed more of the clergy being supportive of our programs and this must be attributed to an increase of many of you being more involved.  This is a very positive sign of progress and allows us to seriously consider how to expand our numbers to help more needy people.


Our new website is a way for us to communicate more effectively.  Here you will find

  1. By-Laws, including list of Standing Committees
  2. Contact information for Member Congregations and Helping Hands Agencies
  3. Electronic Bulletins and Minutes of meetings

Additional items to be posted include

  1. Responsibilities of Member Congregations
  2. Responsibilities of Representatives


All AIC representatives should be relatively familiar with this information or know where to find it as a reference to function well for your congregation.  Please take time to review them.


In January and April we will hold brief meetings in advance of the regular meeting to develop your ideas on how to expand our organization 

  1. Exchange information to be more aware of activities
  2. Develop a process to create incentives for growth
  3. Become more knowledgeable in the relationships with congregations and the community
  4. Inability to grow causes stagnation, which leads to eventual collapse of an organization


In order to have growth we need to expand the membership committee by three persons.

  1. Retention of active congregations
  2. Increase the member congregations not affiliated with us
  3. Other concepts this membership group will suggest


All of your ideas to help improve this important process are valuable.  Please commit your thoughts to paper and present them at these membership meetings.


Thanks to each of you for considering becoming part of our growth.